Has health care given up even trying to develop effective diagnostic instruments and intervention tools in complex tinnitus syndromes?

It is with surprise and dismay, I see the absence of clinical competencies in tinnitus syndrome areas. This cannot be blamed on clinicians themself, often well-intentioned and really engaged, without effective clinical education, but those who decide what/how/when the focus on knowledge development and subsequent trainings should be included in different clinical educations – a in the particular one!

To not do any proper investigations/examinations, but only refer to CBT – claiming to be multidisciplinary, is just to avoid (darkening) the problems. Or helplessly hand over (often) biological dysfunctions to psychologists without blinking – or am I exaggerating? Probably ”yes” from medical power centers but ”no” from most (all?) who suffer without any responsible help!

Suggests that urgent, rapid investigation, of
(a) what does the patient situation look like from the point of view of world needs,
(b) what is related knowledge and practice mode and
(c) what needs urgently be done to ”rehabilitate” a pitiful health care in this regard! Given that serious, independent survey shows what I claim above!

At the same time, I have no great hopes because it seems difficult to critically examine oneself, especially in positions of power, is unfortunately my experience. To suggest following the Tales (as I call) principle (e.g. Summarized of the paradigm used by Bo von Schéele | Biopsychosocial Medicine), is likely to be on deaf ears when not infrequently Confirmation Bias seems to be the norm, or? A huge problem for health care? Confirmation bias, placebo/nocebo vs reductionistic medicine | Biopsychosocial Medicine

Some has addressed this as … Jerry Downing https://www.bookdepository.com/Between-Conviction-Uncertainty-Jerry-N-Downing/978079144628, better read his book but here a critical review (which may not find the most importance in Downing´s book?)  https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2007-16895-001   …

What is urgent needed to be done according to my thinking as a scientist, clinician and patient is discussed at http://carism.se/projekt-carism/urgent-needed-knowledge-and-practice-development-different-kinds-of-tinnitus/ not updated (which will be done ASAP) but may give some ideas … I hope