Brief overview and summarizing my personal fight against impossible blasting head symptoms

(2021) The below can be regarded as a personal documentation out of a clinical perspective in a field new to me, which I now by personal reasons (two years ago suddenly emerging alarm very hard to live with still permanent), trying to learn/understand/work with … to get well .. or more well! Unfortunately, in my case the ”word” tinnitus (often a very weak, insufficient substantiated diagnosis based on very limited knowledge), based on no real investigated diagnosis hypothesis, was probably very wrong and misleading during more than one year, while the below more plausible …? Probably thanks to a not yet published new kind of hypnosis, I feel emotionally/mentally (surprising) well, working as usual …

2021-11-05  (with a few lines added 2021-12-26) – very briefly, I seem to find a surprising (partly or not) solution of/for my own very hard tinnitus dysfunction. I will write more (nothing yet except some very little at
at this website so far), but first when I have done some critical tests and also can publish in a constructive way here following Hippocrates oat! NB it can be first first in 1-? month … beginning of 2022 at best!

Try to summarize (again)
My symptoms have similarities very much with Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) but it is not temporary but long-lasting – day and night – permanent since since October 2019.
In my case probably mostly related to accident/head trauma (MRI findings as spinal stenosis .. probably degenerating causing increasing blasting symptom, especially in the night while sleeping in intervals .. )

Something extremely hard to live with, where perhaps my clinical work with very complex patients is an advantage for me while I do know I am not the only one suffering from this – awakening my clinical ambitions focus to fight the problem, so far not specialist have diagnosed functionally and not real interventions as well – only CBT which I myself started with in the 1980-teis in Sweden! Could be good if the psychological side is enhancing the symptoms but I can feel psychological/emotional “well” and work well in spite of the biological not habituation very hard symptoms.

Main symptoms estimated c 60 db and a “blasting” cluster sound 1500-3500 Hz – at best. Can be worsened e.g. due to changes in air-pressure and humidity. Also, while sleeping increasing which is increasing related to how long a sleep, more two then one hour. Have not spelt more than 4 hours while before the head trauma could sleep for 10 hours, especially when I was working well and much!

The above is probably related to head trauma (falling with head before into a stone pillar) causing MRI observed spinal stenosis and disc herniation. Have had 60 years of manageable tinnitus caused by high music sounds).

I will below summarize – while too much on this website which is also hard to get a summarizing picture of I believe – what is done by health care services and by myself.

Text coming ..