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CARISM – the name was first used for Center for Applied Reserach in Integrated Stress Medicine focuses on further development of the concept developed in Sweden by prof. Bo von Schéele.

Now the same name is used as “Complex Auditory Related Integrated Systems Medicine” to host information/knowledge/assessments/treatments/education/ … associated with audiotory dysfunctions with main focus here on different kinds of Tinnitus – sometimes the name is misleading, that is, when it is seemingly permanent impossible alarms not habituating to anything … total helplessness, as also torture victims are. Also it might not be in first hand related to ear functions, as I myself learn now.

In my case, a very early created PTSD play a role, in this case as amplifier – not very dynamic as my hearing dysfunction (still) is.

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CARISM – Center for Applied Reserach in Integrated Stress Medicine focuses on further development of the concept developed in Sweden by prof. Bo von Schéele. Main focus is on integrating a biopsychosocial medicine perspective on prevention and rehabilitation lifestyle related disease/problems. At the when stress medicine was started in Sweden words/concepts like biopsychosocial and lifestyle medicine was not possible to use. So stress medicine was the word but the focus was on what von Scheeles title in his disertation “cognitive and cardiovascular assessment of a multifaceted treatment package of negative stress” where treatment in fact was education and individuals tailoring of biopsychosocial tools and assemessment was a applied psychophysiology perspective analysing traditional www.aaapb.org parameters as well as (at that time not used) Heart Rate Variability/respiratory, HRV, Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, RSA (although RSA was not mentioned in his disesertation by strategical reasons. . .

Since the 1980-ties the concept has been further gradually developed with the use of Artificial Intelligence integration with human experts understanding of complex systems biopsychosocial medicine interaction and now in 2010-ties we are close to a solution which is one of the main tasks for CARISM

Back in 1990-ties Thomas Österling and Bo von Scheele developed a first AI-program for clinical psychophysiology and this cooperation is further devleoped within CARISM. During the 2000-tiels cooperation at the www.mdh.se has resulted in three dissertations within AI and stress medicine at basic reserach levels. More basic research is needed and the cooperation between www.mdh.se and CARISM is expected to further develop this field to provide the market with effective AI-based tools for stress preventions and stress rehabilitation where individual themselves are doing the crucial work based on their education and tailloring of biopsychosocial tools provided by Stress Medicine AB, CARISM, www.icalm.se and others.

CARISM will also build up an artificial Intelligence based reference library system for biopsychosocial stress medicine which can be used for research, cliical development as well as interactive use by private persons and clinicians.

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