CARISM – Complex Auditory Related Integrated Systems Medicine

The purpose with just started ”CARISM – Complex Auditory Related Integrated Systems Medicine” – is to try to find new clinical/methodological ways in a keen clinical field needed to be improved, where (probably?) not very few are suffering very, very much not noticed/understood in health care. We aim to take innovative ideas and see how they can be used in very complex multifaceted, knowledge based and empirical falsified/validated at traditional nomothetic based as well as ideographic levels.

As we have worked with psychophysiological stress medicine to integrate Eastern and Western medicine using psychophysiological parameters a priori predicted at singel case levels we will now expand to a more systems integrating methodology meeting both clinical ideographic and scientific nomothetic demands as well.

Importantly we need to have instruments and tools to bring Eastern and Western competences together using best available knowledge, knowledge based experiences in a best responsible methodology enabling an expanded biopsychosocial toolbox and its validation at clinical levels as well!

Here now ideas will be presented for elaboration of how it can be refined for individual tailoring and its possible outcome measurement approaches at different stage of development. The idea is also (not only!) to enable individual adjustment where the “patient as an educated reasonable competent resource and coworker in own rehab” (a biopsychosocial medicine manual from 1986 further elaborated) can be one of a number of applications.

More is to come ….


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