October 2019 to today 2023: BvS = A long way still going with impossible har symptoms – Severe Tinnitus Alarm Syndrom .. surviving is to try to learn what dysfunctions are creating this impossible – that was www.carism.se is about ”survival by learning”?

May 2023
After 60 years with manageable tinnitus October 2019 very fast my very  hard to manage Tinnitus Larm emerged (may see many very different reasons which may interplay)

The first subpage is from differential diagnos liks – my own old is at https://carism.se/projekt-carism/a-multidisciplinary-overview-of-the-tinnitus-syndrome-fields/overview-of-some-of-the-tinnitus-syndrome-approaches/

Hope soon report ”back to normal” below – information which may hel other colleagues suffering in a very har way … permanent and without no real dysfunctional examination giving info how to intervene …

OLD text: NB here will only a sub page list be found (so far) – newest no 1 and … 6 oldest but hopefully giving some info

Content sub pages:
1. http://carism.se/2021-22/multifaceted-hypothesis-overview/

2. http://carism.se/2021-22/my-experimental-intervention-work/

3. http://carism.se/2021-22/personal-clinical-situation/

4. http://carism.se/2021-22/brief-overview-and-summarizing-my-personal-fight-against-impossible-blasting-head-symptoms/

5. Brief overview and summarizing my personal fight against impossible blasting head symptoms

6. http://carism.se/2021-22/my-diagnostic-hypothesis-cervical-instability-sympathetic-nervous-system-and-english-cervikal-instabiity-refluxes-and/