New alternative multifaceted hypothesis on very severe tinnitus

2022-08-22 NB the below is a first draft just for communications! The text may not be very easy to understand as well as see its complex assumed multifaceted interactions/interplay

Probably not seldom lifestyle influenced dysfunctions are multifaceted and hard to examine with a reductionistic medical paradigm as traditional medicine rests on. As traditional medicine do not rest on absolute knowledge but different degrees of limited knowledge, hard work on systems integrating multifaceted medicine should not be neglected regardless of absence of education in traditional medicine domains. But there are more and more traditional clinicians trying to integrate based on own experiences when no real post-education is provided.

Integrated psychophysiological behavioral medicine is a not well understood knowledge based awareness of. Some info e.g. Overview cf. Drugs and IPBM: Hypertension | BOAIM2: Bergvik Open Academia for Innovative Medicine Management may give some info although this link address the hypertension domain

Below, briefly, a possible complex chain dysfunction is (draft) outline as a platform for communications (an alternative to the first picture at based on my own personal hard symptoms not really understood, at least in Sweden.

One of the symptoms focus result in the below idea
Steadfastly current problems: During the night I wake up after c 2 hours of sleep (doing some strategies surprisingly make return to sleep possible in site of change in symptoms characteristics) with likely linking interaction between

(a) more and more with increased pain in the above all in my neck (complex spinal stenoses related to head trauma accident)

(b) sore throat since months – GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), perhaps including Barett´s Syndrome*

(c) more narrowed nose since years, with sneezing attacks and mucus formation (including Osteomeatal complex obstructions?)

(d) increased ear click in the ear drum when swallowing (Toynbee Maneuver overreaction**) indicating some crucial Eustachian Tube dysfunctions) and

(e) increased alarm in the head for several years (see more hypothesis at first picture at (same link as above)

The above symptoms increased during the last month where possibly air humidity/air pressure affecting the increased ”e” symptoms themselves

Clinical international growing perception is ”chain relationship” b-c-d-e where in me the back/neck injury obviously plays an important role

** “negative middle ear pressure induced by Toynbee maneuver was related to prolonged opening duration of ET and duration of negative pressure in nasopharynx and lower opening pressure of ET. This phenomenon was often shown on the patients with nasal obstruction, and reduced ET mucociliary clearance. The Toynbee phenomenon indicates a closing failure of the ET, clinically, this situation needs to be prevented and resolved in a timely manner” Analysis of the relations between Toynbee phenomenon and middle ear pressure]