NB most at this website is started October 2019, when I face extreme complex dysfunction hard to live with! This means that some of the material is not very well done (concentration … while permanent hard symptoms ..). Also, this website contents much of my thinking/work/.. since my dissertation 1986. Much of it is at other web sites (see but I will try to move to this one, what I regard as most important from my work.

Now September 2021, I feel mentally/emotionally/psychological astonishing well in spite of even worse symptoms (partly related probably to development last 4 years of a new kind of hypnosis – not published yet, while need first be sure of its general efficacy and absents of side effects). This means that I can, in spite of the hard symptoms work quite well, important not while my Antonovsky (1979), Sense of Coherence need it but also while I am not alone, important for my ”clinical sense”, where I realize many suffering from similar hard problems probably do not get any substantial support from health care services

Now, if you will read my last work, I refer to sub pages at as well as but also (need updates) my opinion on investigations, hypothesis diagnosis based on also on differential diagnosis excluding as well as a real multidisciplinary individually tailored intervention toolbox which is followed up! Not to be effective in clinical work results in more costs; in patient suffering and society economical costs as well!

If any of you reading the above and get the idea of starting up a focus scientific and clinical integrating foundation, I would be grateful to know about it! Without non-profit economical support nothing will probably happens!  and

One thing more; some revolutions are ”silent emerging” which may at least partly play o role in most medical and psychological dysfunctional fields (including the above) at that is e.g. emotionally/mentally (which is also an important part of biological suffering)
(a) Quanta physics/chemistry/biology … | Biopsychosocial Medicine and
(b)  Mitochondria ”health” …
(c) GABA | Search Results | Biopsychosocial Medicine as well as in Swedish Nytt verktyg för högintensiva (”ADHD”) | ADHD fonden

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